Media Kit offers a unique advertising platform to reach influential gatekeepers, product development specialists, performance centers and athletes within the new eco-system. An estimated 8.5 million high school student-athletes, 200K performance gatekeeps, Professional athletes, teams and leagues are all potential beneficiaries of this new and exciting opportunity to improve overall human performance, on and off the field.

Some of the advantages to Marketing and Advertising with

  • Brand exposure to 200 thousand potential professional gatekeepers (Optometry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Neuroscience research, Coaches, Trainers and Performance centers
  • Expertly curated digital hub with targeted social media activity to reach highly engaged and loyal user base
  • Athlete loyalty and brand prestige
  • Leading-edge R&D pipeline exposure


Overall sponsorship and advertising costs will be based on variable criteria that best meet clients needs and key performance criteria

  • Level of category exclusivity and participation
  • Complexity of program customization 
  • New product launch platform 
  • Tactical program management
  • Duration of partnership contract


Please contact Warren Modlin for the rate card, sponsorship opportunities, advertising or strategic consultation