National Championship teams use Sports Vision

Senaptec neurodynamic vision training

The Tide and Tigers use Senaptec’s Sensory Station, which features a large touchscreen that tests various skills such as hand-eye coordination, object tracking, and dynamic vision through a user tracking and responding to moving lights.

5 Training Tips with Sports Tech

Mick Glegg on Elite Lab

Basic low-cost tools like boxing pads, cones, and touch lights can be really useful for customizing training routines to the needs of any athlete. That said, high-end technology is moving fast. Virtually every month new hi-tech gear gets released with the promise to take athletic performance to the next level

8 tips to add sports and performance vision to your practice

8 tips to add sports and performance vision to your practice

Integrating sports and performance vision training into a practice is a great way to develop a niche, attract new patients, and provide another service to existing patients. There are numerous ways to add training at different levels to a practice, including traditional vision therapy tools, computer-based learning, and advanced technology incorporating balance and motor skills.

Performance 20/20 Assess. Analyze. Achieve

Dr Jennifer Stewart discuss Neurodynamic Vision

Performance 20/20 is sports vision training for achieving athletic potential by sharpening the visual system and cognitive skills. We utilize innovative training and technology to enhance the visual and cognitive systems of all athletes ranging from youths to professionals.