Improving Sports Performance

Science and Art: Improving Sports Performance

Common in all our work is that we take a multifaceted approach to how the eyes play a role in sports. We examine the visual demands from a medical, skills and tactical approach and come up with treatments and training regimen for elite athletes to perform at a higher level.

What is Neurodynamic Vision Training?

What is Neurodynamic Vision Training?

The neurodynamic vision approach is a holistic way to combine physical athletic training with visual performance skills such as focus, accuracy, multitasking and visual endurance. As such, specialists from a variety of fields are sprouting up dedicated performance centers all over North America and Europe.

New NDV Elite SportsVision Training Arena opens

NDV announces new SportsVision Training arena

Ryan Harrison is the Director of Visual Performance at SlowTheGameDown/ NEURODYNAMIC Vision Every time you see athletes in any sport do incredible things and wonder, “How did they do that,” it involves an amazing successful coordination of sensorimotor skills. The same is true when athletes struggle and make mistakes—this time there is a breakdown in the sensorimotor skills.

National Championship teams use Sports Vision

Senaptec neurodynamic vision training

The Tide and Tigers use Senaptec’s Sensory Station, which features a large touchscreen that tests various skills such as hand-eye coordination, object tracking, and dynamic vision through a user tracking and responding to moving lights.

PECCA Partner Summit Summary

Sanitas Advisors-innovation the optical space

This invite-only event brought together senior leadership from PECAA’s most important industry partners to discuss the inevitable changes impacting the eye care industry and to explore how to best serve their mutual customers – doctors, practice staff, and their communities of patients.