Visual-motor expertise in athletes

New insights:Visual-motor expertise in athletes

The team in the Duke OptiLab has been engaged for the last few years in research using the Sensory Station device. This exciting research, funded first by DARPA and more recently by the Army Research Office has led to a host of articles that have explored prediction, training and individual differences relating to visual-motor abilities measured by the Sensory Stations. The latest article from this research that was just accepted to the Journal of Sports Science. This article (See PDF) investigates performance variability across a sample of over 2000 athletes tested on the Nike Stations to demonstrate superior performance for athletes at higher levels of accomplishment (particularly for motor control), as well as distinct profiles for both athletes from different types of sports (interceptive versus strategic) and gender differences.

Evaluating Perceptual-Cognitive Training Tools

Evaluating Perceptual-Cognitive Training Tools

While most training programs tend to focus on an athlete’s physical characteristics, there has always been at least a passing interest in the “mental” skills that underpin performance. This article looks at how perceptual and cognitive (PC) skills can influence performance and questions that coaches and teams should consider before adopting any type of training tool.

Improving Sports Performance

Science and Art: Improving Sports Performance

Common in all our work is that we take a multifaceted approach to how the eyes play a role in sports. We examine the visual demands from a medical, skills and tactical approach and come up with treatments and training regimen for elite athletes to perform at a higher level.

What is Neurodynamic Vision Training?

What is Neurodynamic Vision Training?

The neurodynamic vision approach is a holistic way to combine physical athletic training with visual performance skills such as focus, accuracy, multitasking and visual endurance. As such, specialists from a variety of fields are sprouting up dedicated performance centers all over North America and Europe.

New NDV Elite SportsVision Training Arena opens

NDV announces new SportsVision Training arena

Ryan Harrison is the Director of Visual Performance at SlowTheGameDown/ NEURODYNAMIC Vision Every time you see athletes in any sport do incredible things and wonder, “How did they do that,” it involves an amazing successful coordination of sensorimotor skills. The same is true when athletes struggle and make mistakes—this time there is a breakdown in the sensorimotor skills.