Competing with Online Retailers: Strategies & Best Practices

In a recent post Competing with Online Retailers: Strategies & Best Practices. I noticed an emphasis on competing with better products and retail strategies. I would encourage Optometry to add Performance Vision to the toolbox of competitive strategies. In a world of AI, algorithms and technology, Optometry must evolve from gathering visual acuity data to offering a more comprehensive analysis and implementation plan for Functional Vision and Performance Vision. While online and commercial retail offers better, cheaper and more convenient products, Optometry can offer a transformational improvement in lifestyle quality. From neurodynamic vision improvement on the sports field to myopia management in the classroom, Performance Vision offers a sustainable competitive differentiation.

The exploding ecosystem of Performance Vision products and services is an important step forward in Performance Vision. In developing our Neurodynamic Vision Performance Arena, we have Eye Tracking technology, Perceptual Cognitive tools, Visual Motor reaction tools and integrated test battery for Vision Function Analysis to evaluate and elite athletes both at student-athlete and professional levels. When you combine this technology with expert training and mechanical integration, you are able to offer a unique, one of a kind and competitively differentiated transformation that will separate you from the ordinary.

Links to Neurodynamic Vision Ecosystem

Integrated test battery for Vision Function Analysis: 


EyeTracking technologies


Perceptual-Cognitive tools

Visual Motor reaction tools

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