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Alabama and Clemson Set Sights on the National Championship Game With Senaptec

By Tom Taylor / January 7, 2019

When Alabama and Clemson take the field for today’s College Football Playoff national championship game, they will both likely have a host of sports science and technology information and hardware to thank for the fact that their 2018 seasons have run longer than any other college teams. One device they share in common is a vision training system made by Senaptec. Senaptec Sensory Station. Senaptec Sensory Station. (Courtesy of Senaptec) The Tide and Tigers use Senaptec’s Sensory Station, which features a large touchscreen that tests various skills such as hand-eye coordination, object tracking, and dynamic vision through a user tracking and responding to moving lights. The system can also test responses at a distance, mimicking the distance vision requirements of sports, with the user controlling it through a mobile device. “Your brain discards 80% of the visual information you intake, so we help individuals process more of the incoming information, and in a faster manner, to improve performance and brain health,” said Joe Bingold, Senaptec’s CEO, in a press release. “Senaptec products are like weightlifting for your visual system. In weightlifting, you strain and break down a muscle to rebuild it stronger. Our technology relies on a similar principle, resisting vision through stroboscopic techniques, vision blocking and precision coordination drills, to help build strong new neural connections from the eye to the brain.”

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