MLB Tonight: Mental Approach at the Plate

The Mayor's Mental Approach

Sean Casey's keys to hitting success

Process over results

  • Take a deep breath and turn on your vision
  • Relax in order to see the baseball
  • Slow oneself down, Get Visual, See the ball, make good decisions
  • Control only what you can control

Importance of Vision

  • You only have .4 sec to react. Same as a blink of an eye!
  • Dr Bill Harrision: 'Let your eye's tell you what's going on'!
  • Be visual - Slow the Game Down
  • Only watch the positive video - Visualize and reinforce the good

'You are here for a reason'

  • Be who you are! - Don't always change to somebody like somebody else

Keep it Simple

  • Recommended Books - Harvey Dorfman: Metal game of baseball; Mental Keys to Hitting
  • Develop a process that reminds you of 3 things (Casey example: See the ball; Be easy; Hammer it
  • See the ball! - Turn your Vision on
  • Relax - Calm Aggression! Calm in your body, Aggressive in your mind.



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