8 tips to add sports and performance vision to your practice

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8 tips to add sports and performance vision to your practice Jennifer Stewart, OD Aug 21, 2018

Abstract / Synopsis: Integrating sports and performance vision training into a practice is a great way to develop a niche, attract new patients, and provide another service to existing patients. There are numerous ways to add training at different levels to a practice, including traditional vision therapy tools, computer-based learning, and advanced technology incorporating balance and motor skills.

Optometrists often ask me how they can get involved in sports vision, especially if they are unable to start a separate practice. While it may seem daunting, there are many ways to ease into adding this specialty into your practice. Follow these eight tips to get started.

1. Decide what equipment is right for you and your practice

2. Consider taking the show on the road

3. Find athletes within existing patients and beyond

4. Ask the experts

5. Start small

6. Don’t forget the basics

 7. Harness the power of social media

8. Have fun!

Jennifer Stewart, OD, is chief vision officer and founder of Performance 20/20, a sports and performance training facility in Stamford, CT. Dr. Stewart is co-owner of Norwalk Eye Care in Norwalk, CT. She is a former Division 1 track and field athlete who still holds two college records. She is a competitive age group triathlete and competes in trail and road races. Dr. Stewart resides in Connecticut with her husband, who is an Ironman All World Triathlete; their two young boys; and their rescue dog.

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