Sports Vision Research from OPTI Lab (Duke)

The Human Performance Optimization Laboratory (Opti Lab) is an applied human neuroscience lab researching innovative approaches for accelerating learning and remediating deficits.  We are involved in numerous research studies that transcend clinical, athletic and military domains to investigate approaches to optimize human performance while also shedding light on the neural mechanisms underlying learning and expertise. 

Research in the Opti Lab addresses neurocognitive processes that underlie human learning and techniques that can be used to accelerate skill acquisition.  Our research spans basic, applied and clinical sciences with a focus on the neural mechanisms of visual information processing and precision sensorimotor control. As a core lab in the Brain Stimulation Division of Duke Psychiatry our research features a number of noninvasive brain stimulation approaches

Latest Sports Vision Related Publications: For a full list of articles please visit OPTIab

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