How to start a sports vision specialty practice

Eye care professionals have the potential to be at the forefront of this new dimension of human performance. In an industry that faces increasingly more competitive pressures from retail product commoditization, industry consolidation and online eye testing services, developing a new sub-specialty vision performance experience may offer both practice and professional growth opportunities in an exciting new area of frontline optometry.

Optometry’s’ relatively narrow definition of sports vision may be limiting the full potential of improving human performance by only focusing on improving optical clarity, protection, fit and ocular motor function of the eyes. To date, the sports vision industry has concentrated on patient education and helping primary eye care practitioners to incorporate Sports Vision techniques into their daily routine. This support helps eye care practitioners to promote their practice and sell sports specific eyewear. In the future, a broader definition of Optometric sports vision is needed to unlock the full scope of abilities and talent within an athlete, so they may attain their true potential of both mental and physical attributes. Neurodynamic Vision promises to drive this new frontier for Optometry.

Here are some quick links to select practice management articles discussing how to develop a sports vision focus within a practice

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