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Don’t Just Compete! – Play to Win (Inspired by Playing to Win- Lafley/Martin 2013)

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction. - Bill Gates”

I see three undeniable driving forces in the market that should keep you up at night 1) Speed of change; 2) Disruptive business models 3) Unpredictable events. The opportunity exists to create a winning strategy in the face of these dramatic forces. A winning strategy consists of essential elements:

  • What is your winning aspiration? The purpose of your enterprise, its motivating goal.
  • Where will you play? A playing field where you can achieve that aspiration.
  • How will you win? The way you will win on the chosen playing field.
  • What capabilities must be in place? The set and configuration of skills required to win in the chosen way.
  • What are the management systems required? The methods and measures that enable the capabilities and support the choices.

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The Case for Specialization in Practice

The 2018 Optical Innovation Summit hosted by Bart Foster (Sanitas-Advisors). Together, participants created the Top Ten of what they believed was “inevitable” in the next five to seven years... I think the trends can be categorized into three central themes

  • The first is this idea of an empowered consumer.
  • The second was technology offering disruption.
  • Market consolidation 

Specialization - Proven Strategies for Success

Specialization sets up a unique opportunity to compete. Specialization may also be described as a staged in-office experience. It's a compelling idea, and it currently is occurring in the market in various forms. Examples like dry eye; Blue light protection and computer vision syndrome is unique; Low vision; Vision therapy most recently myopia management.

Specializing in Neurodynamic Vision

Critical elements to offer Neurodynamic specialization

  • Love what you do – Be authentic, passionate and sports performance obsessed
  • 1st mover advantage – Take advantage of being first to offer this in your market
  • Be influential – Speak at conferences, be available for PR events, connect with local sports teams.
  • Connect with Ecosystem – Understand the new technology innovations, new product releases, testing and training protocols.
  • Stage your in-office experience – Design and stage a memorable experience throughout the elite-athlete journey
  • Marketing – Reinforce your position as an expert with a consistent message over time, including a robust, dedicated social media platform

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